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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

For those times when sacred love is torn from the fabric of your life… you need comfort and a time of healing… you need Jesus.

Grief is one of "The Already Completed Works Of Jesus' Cross". Emotional sickness. Fullness is particularly supportive of major grief, an emotional sickness. FULLNESS MINISTRIES has a special program in support of Hospices and those in grief. If you are in grief or know of anyone, because of a loss, a sickness, or a potential loss, someone in a hospital,  retirement home, Hospice... please contact FULLNESS MINISTRIES and request SUPPORT by the FULLNESS Team.


Postal Mail : Fullness Ministries

                     LaGrange, GA 30241

See the resources below to assist you in Grief Support. To view the article, click on the picture icon

  Memorial Prayer        Angel of Hope               No Regrets         A Permanent Gift   A Child of Mine


Memorial Prayer.pdf Angel of Hope.pdf No Regrets.pdf A Permanent Gift.pdf A Child of Mine.pdf