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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein


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Reporting and Projecting Leaves of Change for the Year to come

To Contemplate:

To observe, to look at with attention, to meditate on, to intend, to think on studiously, to reflect: prayerfully

To Change:

To alter or make different, to shift, to convert, to exchange, to receive, release.

By Grace and Truth:

Application of the Already Completed Work of Jesus’ Cross, Reception and Revelation of the Fullness of Christ Jesus being formed in you, the Hope of Glory, Watching, Praying, Agreement, Thanksgiving, Receiving, Retaining, Giving, Trusting God….

In Preparation for A Life of Continual Communion:

Continual: lasting, without interruption, unceasing Communion: the act of communing, celebrating the Lord's Supper

Commune: to converse together intimately; to have spiritual intercourse with; to receive Communion

October is the NEW YEAR for the Jewish People. The Feast of Atonement is in October. They have only once a year to be forgiven. We as Christians are grafted into the Vine. Jesus is the King of the Jews and Lord of all peoples. We are in Him, He is In us. We are already under His Blood and completely forgiven. He forgives us moment to moment for our daily mistakes at the asking of forgiveness. I have noted for years that at October a new thing would be presented to me to focus on the next year, and it was always what was successful.

Many times God had looked over our previous year and picked what He was already pleased with and wanted it now to be presented in another new way. I wanted to explain this, for I know He will do this for you in your life, ministry, business, family, church, if you will Contemplate the previous year with the Lord, and project what He reveals into the next year, making Changes accordingly, surely you too will find success.

Fullness Ministries begins its NEW YEAR in October. Happy New Year!

"Light Be! In your understanding today, In Jesus Name.